Hey, I'm Derek Richards.

Let's improve life on planet earth (and have fun doing it!) 🌍

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, influencer, or just an all-around mover-and-shaker, I want to help you promote the projects and share the principles you think will make the world a better place.

Hey, I'm Jason, art director and maker

You want to improve life on planet Earth and help other human beings flourish? Me too!  

The question is, who is uniquely equipped to do that? 

In my opinion, it’s people who are empathetic…who are able to listen to others…

…diagnose a problem… 

…find a solution… 

…and execute a plan!

Where can you find such people?  

Well, you can probably find them a lot of places, but one area that sticks out in my mind…

…is the world of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are creators…and creative problem solvers. 

They believe in possibilities…and in productivity. 

They aren’t just dreamers…they are doers.

In fact, the word “entrepreneur” literally means “someone who does something.” 

In other words, THEY TRY.

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The Derek Richards Project

Hi, I’m Derek Richards and this is my podcast.

I’m an entrepreneur who is fascinated with human potential and creative possibilities, and on my show, I interview guests about the projects they are working on and the principles that guide them as they seek to improve life here on Planet Earth.

You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

You can also watch on YouTube.

If my podcast brings you value, please give a 5 star rating and positive review!

If you’d like to apply to be a guest, go here.

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The AG Press Project

Cory and I bought the AG press building because it’s a beautiful, historical building here in Manhattan.

We want to preserve it, and we felt like it is being underutilized.
The truth is, it's location and district needs improving.

We are passionate about Manhattan having things for families to do, and we want a space with art, culture, entertainment, and recreation - something that Manhattan doesn't have yet.

So for the next two years we want to invite artists, creatives, host live events, all while we develop the next phase of that district.

We are so excited for you to see the final phase of this project!


Why I Love Manhattan

Growing up in Manhattan, I may be a bit biased, but...

I have spent time in other college towns of different sizes, and Manhattan is a good balance of size, pace of life, and midwest values.

We don’t obviously have everything, but we are charming enough which makes life very comfortable and valuable.

From the flint hills to K State, Manhattan has a beautiful balance to it that makes this an amazing college town.

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